“I found the U.S. Army Air Force wartime missions fascinating, especially the treacherous Hump flights over the Himalayan Mountains…”  Read the whole review 

““…endlessly fascinating… [Taylor has] mastered a conversational yet detail resonant style of prose. I know I can hear my mother and grandmother in her writing, musing and conversing.” Read the whole review

“Superb! A wonderful story of devotion and tough times… special because it’s not only about a lost soldier, but also about those left behind who must deal with that loss forever.”

“Loved it! The Greatest Generation all have their secrets in this endlessly fascinating & compelling memoir.”  Read the whole review

“This book is subtitled ‘A World War II Love Story’… but it is so much more than that… I recommend it to anyone who likes World War II tales and stories about strong women who never give in to adversity.”

“If My Heart Had Wings is a loving tribute to family, first love and finding one’s roots. Well written and edited, this was a joy to read.”

“…we’re fascinated by family history and love interviewing authors who feel the same. So Nadine Taylor fits our type perfectly.” Read the whole interview

An Honest Story About Life

How would you feel if you were rummaging through parents’ stuff and found wedding photo then realized, that isn’t your dad in the photo? That is what this true tale is about…This is no a happily-ever-after story. It’s one of perseverance, self-preservation, determination, learning, can-do-spirit and uncovering the truth…I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a tale of war time romance, disappointments, life’s sometimes harsh realities and a reckoning of old vows.

A Top-Notch Slice of Life!

What a compelling, romantic book – filled with longing and well-researched historical information!  These people lived real lives, in difficult circumstances, sometimes of their own making and other times being buffeted by forces beyond their control. I really felt for all of them – for their joys, pains and burdens, as well as their hopes and dreams, which didn’t always materialize as they had intended. Such is the reality of life!

My Very Favorite Read of 2018

Fast-paced, enjoyable, well researched, magnificently written, and a veritable page-turner of a storyline — this book is truly a literary gem.

 Fast-Paced, Intriguing and Compelling

Nadine Taylor takes us on a suspenseful journey as she uncovers the mystery behind her mother’s secret first marriage during WWII. A deeply moving tribute, meticulously researched and engaging from start to finish.

I Loved This Book from Start to Finish

I couldn’t put this book down. The end brings such a wonderful feeling that I am still thinking about the book. I usually start another book as soon as I am through with one but NOT this time. GO FOR IT. You will not be disappointed.

Inspiring and Moving!

“…a unique way of sharing the history of World War II at home and abroad [that] weaves together stories of love, loss, joy, sadness and fulfillment… Truly an intriguing and well-written book!